Anonymous asked:
i know i have a problem, yet my mom thinks its normal. everyone tells me "your body isnt meant to have a gap" well guess what? ill prove to you it is nd it will.

I know how you feel. :( 

hausofthin-deactivated20111002 asked:
I think your bones are beautiful! You have nothing to be insecure about(: ♥

Thank you soooooo much. I wish I could feel like that. Congrats on all  YOUR progress. You are an inspiration

18isinfinity-deactivated2012032 asked:
Is that really you?? You are so beautiful. I wish I could look even a smidge that amazing!

haha, yeah, it is! Thank you, even thought I cannot see myself that way. You are so sweet!!!!!

hello everyone

please check out my new profile picture on the blog page. 

its me. I’m kind of uncomfortable putting it up, because I’m really insecure about my body . ( OBVIOUSLY ). 

let me know whacha guys think. 

stay strong ~~~~

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